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Thursday 13 December 2007

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And so to my last day in Seoul, which was sunny and bright like the day I arrived. I got up early, breakfasted in a leisurely manner, waited for Seoncheol Kim to turn up (he was late), accepted the various gifts he brought, notably large wads of cash and CDs of the prerelease version of the Sejong Corpora, was photographed with him and a lady in traditional dress thoughtfully provided by the hotel apparently solely for this purpose, bade him a fond farewell and got on the bus to the airport. Where I went through the usual boring procedures to get myself eventually on to an aeroplane pointed in the general direction of Europe, being plied with food and drink again, but this time by nice Korean ladies in tasteful turquoise uniforms. And that, dear reader, is really the end of this particular adventure, since the rest is all about airports. I arrived back in Oxford at about 1020 pm: since I took the 1020 bus from outside the Hotel, and Korea is 9 hours ahead, I make that a door-to-door time of 21 hours. More than enough to justify going to bed immediately.


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December 14, 2007 at 18:17

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