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The Purple Legged Routine

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It’s the tenth day since I was sent home in my purple cast, and time for an update. I have found a place in Burnard Towers where I can sit relatively comfortably, and here I am doing it.

For most of the past week, my time has been pretty evenly divided amongst the following activities:

  1. sitting here reading the paper or tapping on my laptop.
  2. getting out of (or into) bed, washing, being washed, having breakfast etc. The morning routine we have now established takes about two hours.
  3. err, that’s it. No third thing.

Yesterday was however exceptional, for the following reasons:-

  • A doctor at the Trauma clinic pronounced himself satisfied with my progress and told me to get on with exercising my newly stitched muscle. A physio lady at the same place explained some rather implausible ways of doing so. I spent nearly four hours waiting for these insights (they said they were having “one of those days”), but did get some nice new bandages to replace the increasingly smelly old sock protecting my leg from its purple carapace
  • I arranged to take delivery of a real wheelchair, on loan for a week. This turned out to be a really useful way of enabling me to sit down at the dinner table with the rest of the family at last.
  • Guy and Daniella arrived on a visit, and the countdown to the wedding tomorrow began in earnest. Guy brought the five assorted miniature bottles of balsamic vinegar you can see in the picture above for sharing amongst daughters as they arrive.

Written by Lou

January 11, 2008 at 17:13

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