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When you’re mostly immobile, moving out of the house for some event gets major importance attached to it. And since I’m in no position to get out of the house for anything other than majorly important events anyway, this week has been noteworthy for the majorness of its major events, which were three in number.

On Saturday the sun shone and my sister got married at Oxford Registry office. This was also my first ever experience of life from a hired wheel chair: probably more exciting for those doing the pushing than those receiving it. However, it was a lovely ceremony, with poetry and girls blubbing at the right moment (see further photos ) In the evening there was a splendid party in the St Margarets Road Institute made unrecognisable with lights and decorations and two heart-shaped bathmats. The food and drink were copious and several people made speeches. though mine was probably the silliest. After the happy pair I think my lovely daughters were the stars of the occasion: Derek, Sarah and Belinda sang jazzy standards with violin, and were then joined by Elizabeth for a well rehearsed selection of Tata’s favourite sixties anthems, culminating in a classic performance of “Chapel of Love” complete with veils and confetti. The journey home (propelled along a wet and windy Kingston Road by Guy) was a bit scarey though.

On Tuesday my wheelchair and I put in an appearance at OUCS, so that I could do my bit for the BNC/Xaira workshop, along with Guy and Ylva. As far as I can judge (and I couldnt get downstairs to mingle with the punters during coffee breaks) this went reasonably well. I also managed to say hello to a few work colleagues before returning to Burnard Towers to collapse again.

On Thursday, I made it all the way up to JR to meet a physio lady who listened sympathetically to my complaints about not being able to sleep comfortably but confirmed my suspicion that there was Nothing To Be Done about them. Ah well, we are in this for the long haul.


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January 19, 2008 at 16:44

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