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Routines set in before you know it. The world shrinks down, or the routine puffs up, till that’s all you know about. This week I realised I was getting seriously bored with mine. Each day starts with some aspirin, a banana, a cup of tea, extensive ablutions, and eventually breakfast. I sit on the same sofa and process the same email till dinnertime. This is good, but not good. Two high spots of this week bucked that shrinking trend:

  • I hobbled up the road to Manos on Wednesday and sat in the sun drinking coffee and reading the paper. I bought some freshly forced rhubarb.
  • Elizabeth and I took a taxi for my physio appointment at the JR on Thursday. Suzy introduced me to a fiendish electronically controlled device which inexorably flexed my knee for me, progressively increasing the amount of flexion from my entrypoint of about 30 degrees, to an unbelievable 47 degrees, at which point I wimped out.

I did some work for OUCS, no really. Mostly about European funding bids and such like, but also at last including some real work on the enrich project, and not before. This filled the day satisfactorily, but didn’t make me feel the world was getting any bigger.

At the weekend, we were blessed with visitors: Belinda and her Trinidadian chum Phyllis; Alex and Elizabeth. There was a lot of drinking and jollity and I resolved that extensive hobbling might just be the only thing to stop me from going stir crazy. Certainly I felt all the better for today’s excursion: all 0.62 km of it round the block and up to the railway bridge. Just wish the pavements were a bit flatter


Written by Lou

January 27, 2008 at 22:08

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