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This week, the daily walk has become a bit of an obsession, if an obsession is something you can only have a bit of. I am increasingly well-informed on the parlous state of the pavements around here, and can bore for Europe on those (not a few) whose camber is less than optimal.

Thursday’s walk (1.22 km) was wet and windy, so much so at the start that I almost gave up on it. But the wind was behind me down Plantation Road, and the rain eased off eventually. I bought milk and painkillers and newspaper in Belsyre court, and looked thoughtfully at a bus on Woodstock Road, which I might maybe take one tomorrow. Back at Manos, I had coffee and cake and read the newspaper until the rain stopped.

Mad person walking into the wind across Port Meadow Fridays walk (1.95 km) was beautifully sunny again, and the Meadow was easy underfoot. Just a pity that the wind was blowing quite so fiercely and in quite such a wrong direction. The path over the bridge and down to Aristotle Lane was a touch muddy, but the Anchor was open, so we had coffee.

Saturdays walk (1.89 km) was cold and I didn’t stop for refreshment anywhere on it. I just proceeded in a straight line down North Parade to buy a newspaper, up Banbury Road, and back via Farndon Road. This was walking for its own sake.

Sundays walk (1.59 km) was a more leisurely dash to St Margarets Road for Jean’s birthday party, where I sat in a corner, was brought various nice things to eat, drank two glasses of champagne, and recounted my heroic recovery to anyone who’d listen. I strolled back along the canal to make up the numbers.


Written by Lou

February 3, 2008 at 16:20

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