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Wednesday’s walk (2.30 km) was an enjoyable stroll across a very sunny Port Meadow to Burgess Field and back, taking in the chance to greet a few muddy horses en route, and observe a twitcher, twitching at the possible presence of some large wading birds miles away across the large puddle which covers most of that part of the meadow at this time of year. Envigorated by this bucolic splendour, I spent most of the rest of the day tapping away on my laptop on ENRICH-related matters, mostly. OK, I also got both NFS and samba working on the slug, and played back music from it on Elizabeth’s mac, once.

Thursday morning saw a more major achievement: in the closing minutes of my weekly physio appointment with the electronic rack, I did actually achieve the target 60 degrees of flexion. Whereupon, as they do, Suzie remarked that the goalposts were now moving on, of course, but still and all. Back home, Mr Mutton called to say he might be able to start replacing our moribund central heating next week for a paltry four digit sum, and Elizabeth made me a tasty lunch which I just managed to finish before the first of the new-dispensation TEI council conference calls began…. And before it got too dark, I also managed to complete a respectably long walk (1.78 km). So I mark this day with a satisfactory pebble, listening to a copy of Sgt Pepper I had forgotten was lurking on Benson’s hard disk.


Written by Lou

February 7, 2008 at 22:10

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