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The ante is hereby upped. My minimum walk length henceforth should exceed 2 km. though I can see it is going to be hard to keep the walks interesting as well. On Friday, I made it all the way to Mick’s cafe, (2.76 km) via Roger Dudman Way, which is a nice new route to the Botley road alongside the railway, taking in such delights as Cripley meadow allotments, Castle Mill House, and Turbo Ted’s Nursery. I wish I had taken a photo inside, since Mick himself was lunching under his own likeness in the mural which covers all of one wall of his cafe, but I didn’t; here’s one of the outside taken by someone else instead. Friday was also remarkable as being the first time I have ventured back to OUCS since the BNC Workshop. This was also the first time I have seen the inside of my office this year (I looked in to see whether janus, my desktop, is really as dead as it seems to be: it is)

crocusesTo the Parks, (2.84 km) to the Parks! it’s Saturday afternoon and everyone is out jogging, walking their dogs, children, or elderly relatives, making them (well maybe not the dogs) admire the spring flowers — daffodils, snowdrops, crocuses are everywhere — and every now and again groups of people start howling in support of some muddy game involving a leather ball. I sat on a bench and contemplated the follies of youth, before stumbling home via the Lady Margaret Gate, and North Parade, where I had coffee chez Gaston, now apparently run by Serbians.

But today I managed only a paltry 2.57 km wandering around the wonders that Berkeley Homes hath wrought on what used to be Lucy’s spoil heap. I suppose blocks of faux Victoriana and blocks of faux Regency fit together just as well as the real things, and actually the houses do look quite pleasant on a quiet sunny afternoon, even though there is a feeling of having strayed into an architectural model.


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February 10, 2008 at 19:08

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