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Week 6: the beginning of the end

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The sixth week of their (partial) incarceration in a purple fibreglass casket and my leg is getting restless, if not indeed overambitious. Also, the sun is still shining brightly, and the real world is beckoning. So, on Monday, I devote the morning to catching up on email, and take a very circuitous route to the Co-op in Walton Street after lunch… but the real big news of this day was not the arrival of a new Dyson, but a call from Kylie from A1.

And sure enough, implausibly early on Tuesday, Mr Mutton is here to introduce us to Bob the builder and Justin the heating engineer and a pile of new radiators and copper piping, the installation of which is clearly going to wreak havoc for the rest of the week. so off I hobble, this time to the post (2.28 km), a pounding of familiar streets with an interesting and lengthy interlude: sitting in Cafe Rouge talking business with Sue Fenley for an hour or so, before returning home to discuss bathrooms with Ron.

Wednesday, more heating engineers appear, and start methodically ripping out the old central heating. Fortunately, it is still sunny, so after lunch I go for a familiar walk, across Port Meadow and back. A horse takes more than decent interest in my shoulder bag, which is a little disconcerting.

And so to Valentines Day, today, the long awaited date of my review at the Traumatic Clinic. Suzie’s machine gets me up to a maximum flexion of 68 degrees before it, which it transpires is not really good enough. The Consultant when I finally see him at first suggests maybe I should keep the cast on till I have reached the magic 90 degrees. I demur. He gives in and hands me over to a nice nurse, who instructs me in the mysteries of thbionicleg.jpge Universal Knee Brace which she then installs on my leg. This gadget allows me to flex my knee up to 90 degrees AND NO MORE, but this is very different from the cast which didn’t allow me to flex at all. Which makes me feel a little wobbly and confused … but still relieved to be free of my purple carapace at last. I retreat to Burnard Towers and focus on the serious problem of getting some (electrical) heating up and running.


Written by Lou

February 14, 2008 at 21:18

Posted in Biographical

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