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It’s Monday, and I went to the office. Just like that. I sat in my chair and bent my knee a bit, and poked at a computer or two, and people popped their heads round the door and welcomed me back. It was all very reassuring. OK, I admit, one big motivation to get out of Burnard Towers is the fact that it’s really really cold with no central heating at all, not to mention the fact that Bob and Co are still thumping up and down stairs and taking up floorboards. Whereas my office is nice and warm, even though janus has apparently gone away to be rebrained, so that currently the desktop computing facilities available to me at the Towers are rather better than those at OUCS (Geek alert: this weekend I successfully installed linux drivers for the Canon Pixma ip4500 I bought before Christmas and it all just worked!; I also eventually transformed an ancient audio tape into a CD, which was more problematic). I made phone calls,read mail, and generally behaved in a managerial manner. Easy peasy.

In otherElizabeth and Al news this weekend, Elizabeth, Al, Pam, Lilette, and I went to the Anchor on Saturday night to over eat in celebration of Elizabeth’s 24th birthday (and my newfound ability to sit at table like a mensch). I had devilled kidneys, followed by bavette de boeuf and chips, followed by rhubarb fool, the whole washed down by a respectable South African pinot, since you ask. On Sunday, Rob and Sylvie, and Owen and Dylan came to tea and we got through an indecent amount of chocolate biscuits and scones and clotted cream. Necessary because of the cold, of course. All of which means that I really didn’t do as much walking as I should have, despite the sunshine and my flexible bionic leg.


Written by Lou

February 18, 2008 at 19:38

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