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A week of firsts

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This week I have mostly been doing things for the first time since last year. Monday, I went to the office and stayed there all day, for the first time. Tuesday, I went to the dentist, the first time I’ve walked as far south as Beaumont Street. Wednesday, I worked on ENRICH all day (OK, that wasn’t a first). Thursday, I made up for Wednesday by having two firsts: a real business meeting (with ISO), and going on a bus up to the JR for my physio. A bus! there and back!

You may correctly deduce that life is getting back to normal. It is a strange kind of normality, still without heating, and still without the ability to get into the shower unaided, but hey, I get up and breakfast, and I walk into the office and send emails hither and yon. I hobble around in my National Health cheapo Don Jon leg brace, sometimes with and sometimes without sticks. I scorn the wheelchair. I exercise. I look forward with some nervousness to to the day (6th March, Suzy says) when I can discard the brace and join the ranks of the Unaided Hobblers. I also look forward to the day (10 March) when I make my first trip abroad — to Nancy and then Lyon; buying tickets for that was today’s first.


Written by Lou

February 22, 2008 at 22:41

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