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We were promised a deluge, but only had to endure a few minutes downpour as we hobbled along to the station this morning. Lilette kindly trundled my suitcase, and saw me off on the 0850 to London, which was only 10 minutes late into Paddington, Then I had the really dubious pleasure of being reminded about the parlous state of the LondonUnderground in the shape of a very grubby circle line train which, having lurched indecisively into Edgware Road after much delay, announced that it was now so late that it had to become a Hammersmith and City Line train instead. Do we care? Not a jot, as we have allowed ample time for such hiccups. Though not quite enough for coping with two flights of stairs needed to gain access to the beautiful new St Pancras Eurostar terminal. Tout change a LondresI only had five minutes to sit and puff before boarding the 1105 departure for Paris, which was much the same as usual, i.e. not so dusty. In fact, I would go so far as to say, really rather nice. Lunch consisted of a rather dull risotto, and we were half way through the tunnel before I’d even registered the fact that the route out of London had changed completely. No more splendid views of Battersea Power Station; but the escape from London’s sprawl is done in about 5 minutes instead of 15. I entertained myself by reviewing abstracts for TALC, one or two of which were quite good, and texting Lilette about plumbers and other domestic trivia.

The Eurostar sat down and perspired gently for 10 minutes before actually getting into Gare du Nord (problemes d’alimentation electrique), but so what: I have more than enough spare time to hobble down the road to the Gare de l’Est, where my super fast TGV to Nancy awaits, departing at 1612 or (as we say in England) 1512. I celebrate with a small cigar and a coffee on the pavement; guilty pleasures I have been denied for lo these many months.

Looking back over the couple of weeks since I last reported here, the pattern has been fairly consistently onward and upward. 90 degrees of flexion is easy-peasy; I can even raise my leg from a prone position without much effort. I still can’t ride a bike or go upstairs properly, and am nervous about trying. Last weekend I spent more than 36 hours unbraced and survived, but I haven’t yet tried walking any substantial distance without my trusty (but increasingly battered) DomJoy Brace.
Last weekend I also exhausted myself trying to get the study ready for redecoration; with the aid of Mark Bliss and others much of its contents are now packed away in boxes and whisked into storage for the week. And before that, why, dear reader, I went to work as usual, and wrote email and booked in meetings and so on and so forth. So I clearly deserve a little french outing after all this time.


Written by Lou

March 11, 2008 at 23:21

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  1. @Lou: I still can’t ride a bike or go upstairs properly, and am nervous about trying.

    You could try a fixed wheel (USA: fixed gear) bicycle;
    it allows one to pedal with less than two good legs.
    They don’t make for easy cycling on hills, either direction,
    but that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

    Je bois … à ta santé! Sláinte! ¡Salud!

    Charles C

    March 12, 2008 at 11:13

  2. Thanks! The bicycle problem is due to the fact that wonderful tho 90 degrees of flexion is, it still aint enough to turn the pedals of a bike, even an exercise bike, even a fixed wheel one. That’s the goal for my continued fizzio, starting in a week or so at something enticingly known as the Lower Limb Club up at the John Radcliffe.


    March 13, 2008 at 22:06

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