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I remembered to mow the lawn, and water the plants, and stop the milk, and empty the recycle bin into the compost maker, and put on the dishwasher, and take in the washing, and leave a note for the decorators. I set off up the road, and then remembered to go back and collect the charger for my mobile phone, oh irony. I caught the 1040 bus from Gloucester Green to Heathrow, and checked myself and my bag all the way to Kazan in good time. And although my flight was about half an hour late, I was not bothered, until I sat down in the nice restaurant at Frankfurt airport where I had promised myself a delicious Frankfurt dinner, and realiswed I had left my mobile on the plane. That’s right, my mobile, the one with all the contact details for my colleagues in Kazan on it, along with all my other secret numbers. Bugger.

Back to the gate I just arrived at, off for a long trek across the airport to the official lost property reporting place. Of course, Lufthansa will deliver my handy as soon as they find it, wherever I am, aye even unto Kazan. But it may take a few hours for them to realise they have found it. Back across the airport and back in the restaurant, my waiter is consolatory as is the dinner I ordered, when it finally materalizes. And so is the half litre of Italian white wine I wash the spaetsle down with. Hey, I wasnt going to use the damn phone in Kazan anyway: too damn expensive.


Written by Lou

August 25, 2008 at 15:56

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