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How to get from Belfast to Marseilles

0915 Hand in keys and summon a taxi
0935 Taxi (£5) arrives EuropaCentre Bus Station, having negotiated Belfast morning traffic
0945 Double decker Ulsterbus no 33 sets off for airport through Belfast morning traffic
1020 Join shortish check in queue for flight EI58
1030 p roceed through the usual formalities in search of coffee
1040 enjoy coffee and work on talk a bit
1115 proceed to gate and find a plug so as to continue working.
1135 all boarded and off we go. Continue to work as much as inflight regulations permit
1415 (French time) land at CDG
1430 air bridge finally produced, and we disembark and join queue to show passports
1440 join small mob of fractious infants waiting for bags to be delivered
1505 pick up bag, rush to bus stop and get on Roissybus to Opera in (false) belief it would leave before the Airfrance bus to GdL
1532 Roissybus negotiates Paris late afternoon traffic, changes driver
1600 Roissybus arrives Opera; dash to Auber RER D
1602 RER train leaves for GdL
1610 RER Train arrives Gare du Lyon. Hot, and hotfoot upstairs, arriving at Platform A with precisely 2 minutes to spare before
1616 TGV 6119 takes off. Phew.
1930 arrive Marseille, after a relaxing time working on my talk… wander hopefully out of Gare St Charles into adjacent University campus, where there is a large crowd of people enjoying une piquenique alfresco. Goodness me, c’est un universite d’ete! and a nice cheese sandwich too.


Written by Lou

September 9, 2009 at 14:06

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