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In the last three months, I have been across or rather under the Channel five times and spent a total of six weeks away from Oxford. Is that what I signed up for?

Depart Return Inhabit Also visit
22 Nov 27 Nov Flat, rue Mouffetard Nancy
9 Dec 17 Dec Flat, rue Vandrezanne Caen
10 Jan 13 Jan Hotels Tours
24 Jan 5 Feb Hotels; Flat rue St Andre des Arts Luxembourg; Munich
14 Feb 20 Feb Hotels Lyon

One might reasonably ask what have I actually done during all that time, apart from enlarge my experience of the public transport, food, and politics of la belle France?

Well, I put in a reasonable number of gigs:

  1. In December, I spoke at an interesting seminar called Le patrimoine à l’ère du numérique : structuration et balisage at the MSH in Caen; this introduced me to a different branch of the family of TEI users in France;
  2. I gave an extended version of my celebrated potted history of digital humanities ata seminar on Digital Humanities organized by Pierre Mounier and Marin Dacos at EHESS; this was fun, though I am somewhat unnerved by its subsequent digital publication, slides, summary, audio, warts, and all.
  3. With Nicole Dufournaud, I taught an introductory TEI course at the Centre d’Etudes Supérieures de la Renaissance, Université François-Rabelais de Tours;
  4. I survived the final review meeting of the ENRICH project in Luxembourg which was much kinder than it might have been;
  5. I attended a DARIAH Technical Workgroup meeting hosted at the Max Planck Digital Library in Munich where progress of some sort was made on the subject of the TEI Demonstrator; I also experienced Strauss’s Salome for the first time, at the Staatsopera. Got my hair cut, visited the Alte Pinakotek. As you do.
  6. I went to a lot of meetings. Specifically: a planning meeting at the IRHT for Richard’s ANGD planned course; a meeting to compare and contrast eSciDoc and Isidore at the Computing Centre of the In2p3 in Lyon; a planning meeting for the Mutec “TEI journees d’etude” at the Institut des sciences de l’homme also in Lyon; a discussion of the “current awareness” activities which Adonis has subcontracted to a lady from CNAM.

I spent much time and effort trying to understand the TGE Adonis, both as it is, and as various people would like it to be. This is not as easy as you might suppose, but I am making progress; at any rate I seem to have internalised quite a few acronyms, and am dimly becoming aware of the politics.

Meanwhile, in real life, there was a lot of snow (which did not however stop us going to visit our at that time un-named grand-daughter in Brum) on both sides of the channel. I improved my knowledge of Paris considerably: I dined twice with Nicole D. and Jean-Daniel F. out in the wilds of St Ouen. I scored two successes against French bureaucracy: firstly, I got a ticket authorising me to eat cheap lunches at the Ministry of Higher Education’s cantine just behind the Pantheon; secondly, I opened a euro bank account.

Lilette came and stayed with me in a posh flat on the 23rd floor of a tower block near place d’Italie with magnificent views over the XIIIeme; I realised that I was too old and grumpy to enjoy living in rue Mouffetard or rue St Andre des Arts (the latter being particularly nasty), but that on the other hand there was quite a lot to be said for Denfert- Rocherau. Especially if the weather improves.


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February 20, 2010 at 19:12

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  1. Francophone readers may wish to note that being “unnerved” is not at all the same thing as being “énervé” … I do my best to avoid the latter, while the former is quite a normal state of mind.


    February 22, 2010 at 16:53

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