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The Lithuanian Flying Teapot

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2013-03-13 22.48.29

Lithanian teapot in “pour mode”

This fine teapot comes from a teahouse in Vilnius, Lithuania, to which I was introduced by Matthew Driscoll and Tatiana Timcenko many years ago.

Sadly, they don’t make them (the teapots) any more, and I haven’t found anything like it elsewhere. Which is strange, since the design is as effective as it is remarkable.

Tea is served from the pot holding it this way up.

Teapot in "Brew Mode".

Teapot in “Brew Mode”.

Of course, before the tea can be poured, it must be brewed. This is done with the pot rotated through 90 degrees as shown here. Tea leaves go into the compartment next to the handle, under the lid, followed by the boiling water. The pot then sits in the horizontal “brew” position for as long as you see fit. When ready, the pot is rotated to the “pour” position, and the tealeaves are kept separate from the tea by the ceramic strainer you can see in the photo below.

In brew mode. Lid removed to display cunning built in tealeaf catcher

In brew mode. Lid removed to display cunning built in tea leaf catcher

Update: Thanks to Lorraine’s comment below, I now know that this is actually a British invention “The concept of the SYP, or Simple Yet Perfect, teapot was the brainchild of Sir Douglas Baillie Hamilton Cochrane, the 12th Earl of Dundonald. His first design for the SYP teapot was patented in 1901, and the second and “improved” teapot came four months later – this was the version which was manufactured by Wedgwood’s Etruria factory between 1905 and 1919 as well as several other potters”. Thanks to Mr Google I see you can buy them on eBay, but I haven’t found anyone still manufacturing them yet.


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March 13, 2013 at 23:30

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  1. Hi, It is called a SYP teapot. Simple Yet Perfect. Are you interested in selling it? as I collect them,


    March 29, 2013 at 12:52

    • Sorry Lorraine — I’m delighted to know someone is collecting them, but I wouldn’t part with mine for anything! Any photos of your collection available?


      March 29, 2013 at 16:36

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